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Tired of listening to the humming of your car, or the rhythmic scrubbing of dishes? Don t fear the void of monotony! For you have discovered Not Now Podcast! Drive recklessly and eat off dirty plates, giggling all the way! Join Bran and Kyle on their journey into this obscure and hilarious world of podcasting! Is that enough? What are you waiting for, more exclamation points? If you're still not sure, check out one of our personal favorite episodes, like [Think tank](, [Burgalars](, or [Love at First Sight]( Each episode title begins with two digits (01 meaning season one) and end in two digits (02) indicating the episode number. Each episode has a warm-up "Eppetizer", in season one it's even numbers, and season 2 is odds. If you enjoy it, consider making us the sole benefactor of your fortune, or liking us on [Facebook]( for exclusive content. You can also email us at [email protected] if you want to trade recipies. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 05.02 - Pineapple sweat

    Check out this weeks topic about something, and watch us get distracted! ...


  2. 05.01 - Count my buttons

    Welcome to season 5! Heads up, there are some changes. We're releasing 1 episode a week and doing away with the eppetizer in a way. I think we go over it in the episode, so don't miss this one! Hopefully these changes give us an easier schedule and will allow ...


  3. 04.20 - The Next Hokage

    Who will be next!? ...


  4. 04.19 - Dick Toaster

    It might be exactly what you expect, but at least it's original! ...


  5. 04.18 - Bob Lowe

    Get ready for a heavy episode, and if you stick around we talk about band names! The world may not be ready for Beige ...